Fall 2020 Classes – Online/Live/Hybrid?

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    Hey Everyone,

    Could you please share your current plans for Fall 2020 classes? Online/Live/Hybrid? Also, please update us if your plans change from your original post.

    Brian Granstra
    Lee County


    Our current plan is to open as normal. Even though we were not directed to, we are going to limit our class size to 15 to allow for social distancing. We are also now offering online classes in anticipation of students being hesitant to return to in class instruction. We am also making sure teachers are prepared to go virtual again and make the transition smoother. We have provided opportunities for them to attend training to become more proficient online instructors and purchased new laptops for all of them.

    Jesse Wolfe
    Escambia County


    Currently Nassau County Adult Ed is planning on live instruction. We are a unique in our classroom setting in that we have one classroom at each of the communities in our county. If a student is medically unable to attend we will offer online. We are members of the FATDEC consortium so it makes our online or live platform easy to transition from one to the other. If students are online they maintain contact with the teacher in TEAM meetings.


    AS of right now, we are opening our tech school with capped classes, even though our district will probably delay opening. Our GED, ESOL & AHS program will most likely follow that calendar. However, as a small district we do not offer programs in the summer, so I am trying to make sure that I maintain the minimum weeks required with our grant, which I believe is 32. Is anyone else worried about falling under 32 weeks?


    Sumter County Adult Education will be holding live instruction classes with a CAP of 15 students per section to allow for social distancing. Our classes are GED, ESOL, C.N.A., and HVAC. We plan to provide face masks and hand sanitizer at all times and ask students to utilize both. We are also offering GED Online for the first time in Sumter. This plan is of course pending any district-wide decision to delay opening or move to distance learning, etc.

    Dr. Renee Burwell

    Our plans for re-opening are currently on hold. Although we have investigated a combination of options for our students.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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